Hola, I am Jose David Arellano Perez, a multidisciplinary Graphic Designer originally from the vibrant streets of Mexico City and now a resident of Toronto, Canada since 2007. My journey from Mexico City to Toronto has given me a unique perspective – the vibrant colours, distinctive fonts, and captivating shapes of my hometown consistently infuse my work with a distinctive touch.
Since 2016, I've been diligently crafting designs in Toronto, collaborating with diverse clients and seamlessly adapting to various roles – ranging from freelance to full-time and seasonal contracts. I've had the privilege of collaborating with reputable brands like Jeep, Ram, Stallantis, Twitter, and Canadian Tire.
As a graphic designer, I've functioned in various fields including Tech, Real Estate, and Retail. Actively seeking new opportunities as a Full-Time professional, adept in Freelance or Contract.